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Photo by  Cody Petts

Photo by Cody Petts

"So Luke, what do you do?"

I work with companies and individuals in the fields of both design and events. I started my first company in 2007 and have since functioned as a serial entrepreneur, freelance consultant, public speaker and employee of Minneapolis design firms Replace and Little.

I am tag-teaming the rearing of a very, very young child.

Here’s my post-it note art.

My social projects are based on my faith that small business is usually the solution, handwritten correspondence conveys much more, and there is proven power in intentionally bringing together certain groups.

Residences 1981 - 1999 by my mom, Barbara

I do one-on-one small business consulting for creative sole proprietors and partners, and event venue consulting by referral. Please contact me directly for further information.