Social Projects

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Held quarterly, Tiny Motor Things is a series of informal meetings, designed to keep us sharp. Held at a bar or brewery, we gather to review the forgotten rules of cursive and fight the collapse of contemporary correspondence. 


MPR News story by Tom Weber

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Business banter on a first name basis. Proprietors Anonymous is an invite-by-mail-only, social media silent, limited series of gently guided group meetings meant to create a hearty and hushed crisscross of support amongst entrepreneurs with annual revenue less than $1M. Every attendee is also a keynote speaker in this small-circle setting. I host no experts, allow no humbling holier than thou, and designed Proprietors Anonymous to make running your own business much less lonely.

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A peek into peer-pressuring my pals into day-drinking and talking about their tricks of the trade and what makes them tick. My guests speak about their origins in entrepreneurship, and running both struggling and successful businesses in the creative and event industries. Season one was filmed on LA's Gallery Row at Mandrake Bar.

Filmed by Foxes & Wolves

Edited by Chris Vanderwall

Art by Leah Faust

Season one of Whiskey With Loop